• 10 fresh eggs, splitted
  • 175 grams of buckwheat or oatmeal flour
  • 60 grams of coconut oil at room temperature
  • three tablespoons Greensweet-Stevia xtra sweet
    (this is a blend with erythritol and stevia, the sweetness is 1:6 with regular sugar)
  • two tablespoons greensweet erythritol
  • 10 drops greensweet stevia chocolate
  • a pinch of vanilla bourbon
  • two teaspoons cloves powder
  • two teaspoons nutmeg
  • two tablespoons ceylon cinnamon powder
  • a teaspoon of anise powder
  • a pinch cardemon


This is how to make it:

Mix all herbs and spices together.

Beat the egg whites stiffly in a grease-free bowl.
Mix the coconut oil through the egg yolks, along with the sugars and drops.
mix the egg whites through the yolk mixture add the flour and splash through the batter

Halve the batter over two bowls. add the spices through one half.

Turn the oven to grill setting 200 degrees.

Grease a square baking tin or baking dish with coconut oil.

Let a little bit of natural batter fall on the bottom and let the batter glide over the whole bottom

Grill these in the oven for five minutes.

Repeat these steps alternately with natural batter and spices.

Cut the whole into square pieces.



(This recipe is a translated version of :